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Farewell to Rangi “Rangsta Boogie” Harris, 1969-2013


Tribute to Rangsta Boogie: Graffiti art by Matthew "Mistery" Peet

Tribute to Rangsta Boogie by Mistery

My friend Rangi Harris loved Hip Hop and he loved sharing it with whomever he could. He was involved in all aspects of the street culture for most of his life and was often found at events, supporting the Aussie Hip Hop scene and catching up with everyone.

He would always make time to talk to you and see how you’re doing, genuinely interested and encouraging of your passion.

Shoutout to his close friend, Mistery, who arranged an amazing day of tributes complete with new graffiti pieces, T-Shirts, a mixtape by DJ MK-1, a moving ceremony and farewell jam at the Street University in Liverpool.

Sad to see him go at only 44 years old, leaving behind two young kids.

Rest In Peace Rangsta Boogie.

amazing graffiti art by mistery

Caption: Amazing piece by Mistery. Photo by: Studio De La Jojo

Bboys throwing down to show their respect. Photo by: Studio De La Jojo

Caption: Bboys throwing down to show their respect. Photo by: Studio De La Jojo

Nick Power throwing down at the farewell jam

One of the old school bboys, Nick Power throwing down at the farewell jam

T-shirt designed by Matthew "Mistery" Peet (Australian Graffiti)

T-Shirt sold to raise money for Rangi’s kids. Artwork by Mistery

Download this mixtape by MK-1 (Link caption and image to

Check out Rangsta Boogie as a featured dancer in this clip for Aussie Hip Hop Group, Sound Unlimited:



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Radikal Forze Jam 2013
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Event Review (SINGAPORE): Radikal Forze Jam 15th Anniversary, 21-24 March 2013

Radikal Forze Jam 2013

I met this bboy from Singapore, Felix Huang, who lived in Sydney for a while then bounced back to Singas (as Aussies would call it) to reunite with his crew and open his own dance studio.

They now run the biggest street dance jam in south-east Asia with a jam-packed, 3 full days of battles, after parties and after-after parties. This year was the first that I could make it out there, and I am so glad that I did.

After passport dramas at the airport (my passport was valid for 5 months and 3 weeks, and you need 6 months to fly anywhere), Scoot Air kindly moved my flight to the next day free of charge and I paid about $350 to expedite a new passport by the next morning.

I arrived at the end of Day 1, with the Dance@live jam and the next day, stayed around for half of Day 2 jam. I’ve been to plenty of bboy jams to know that I can avoid the hotbox of 500+ sweaty ballsacks and watch the battles on Youtube from the perfect vantage point later. The floor was slippery from all the sweat and there was no way I was going to stick around (pun intended).

Graffiti at Singapore Radikal Forze 15th Anniversary Jam

The place was decked out in the dopest graffiti art I’ve seen in a long time.

Graffiti at the Radikal Forze 15th Anniversary Jam Venue in Singapore

Congrats to 99Flavas from Thailand for winning the 4v4, up against Joyeux Loufock from France:

Finals: 99Flavas vs Joyeux Loufock

Special mention to the 2 Aussie-hybrid crews that both made it in the semi-finals, Raw Collision and Mighty Zou Gangz

Semi Finals: 99Flavas vs Mighty Zou Gangz

Semi Finals: Raw Collision vs Joyeux Loufock

I’ll skip past the amazing shopping and discounts with an AUD$1 = SNG$1.30 exchange rate and fast forward to the after party. The club was cool, the DJ played good stuff but had no fucking idea how to mix the music. We all hung outside and talked shit with a very drunk Ken Swift who complimented my appearance and talked of his soul brother that he loves very much.

It was amazing to bump into people from my past from all over the world in that place and made me grateful to be in this scene where I’m surrounded by amazing talent and big personalities.

Day 3 is the sole reason that I would come back every year – an all day beach jam at Sentosa Island. Sponsored by Remy Martin with a $25,000 bar tab, we were loving life.

Sentosa Island Jam

Special shoutout to my good friend Bboy Rush who made the semi finals with Raw Collision in the 4v4 and won the finals in the 2v2 at the beach jam Raw 2 the Floor, with Bboy Cheno from 99Flavas, Thailand:

Finals: Raw 2 the Floor, Radikal Forze Jam 2013

So we partied and went fucking crazy, here’s a video that sums up that weekend:

Jam at Sentosa Island

Then after this party we headed to the airport and I thought I’d bring home a lil’ something blue:

Jonnie Walker Blue from the event


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Our House & Soul of Sydney Present: SPIRIT OF HOUSE SECRET BLOCK PARTY – SUN MAY 5

Our House Spirit of House Blockparty to be held on Sunday, May 15, 2013


Spirit of House Block Party

TICKETS: Early Bird (Sold Out) | 2nd Release $5 (on Sale Now)

DJ’S: Soul of Sydney DJ’ & Friends;
Phil Toke,
James Scott (Co-Op, Better Days Warehouse Parties)
Cam Brown
Frenzie (Groove Therapy Radio on 2ser)
Danny De Sousa (Birthday Set)
Eadie Ramia
Michael Zac

Venue: Secret Innercity DISCO Oasis (email for location details)
Option #1 – Indoor / Outdoor Surry Hills Restaurant / Bar spot (Licensed Space – 5 min from Central – Strictly 150 people)
Option #2 – Indoor / Outdoor Cafe & Bar spot near Alexandria (Licensed Space – 5 min from Green Square Station – Strictly 150 people)


VENUE INFO STRICTLY VIA EMAIL RSVP. If your keen to come party in RSVP for info.
INFO/RSVP: (email for details) OR CALL/SMS 0405494138 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS

FACEBOOK EVENT: Join Facebook the eventHERE for updates of location, mixtapes & info
ABOUT SPIRIT OF HOUSE: Spirit Of House is a secret afternoon party collaboration between Soul of Sydney & Our House put on every couple of months to pay homage to the 30+ years of House music & its Disco-Funk roots in unique & interesting locations.We make a special point pay tribute to the iconic DJ’s, Producers and clubs who have helped create and shape House music over the last three decades. Figures & Clubs such as Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, Ron Hardy, Glenn Underground, John Morales, Kerri Chandler, Ron Trent, Joey Negro, Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit, Kenny Dixon Jr, Theo Parrish, Norman Jay, Lil Louis Masters At Work The Warehouse, Zanzibar, The Musik Box and The Paradise Garage.These events are put on strictly for the LOVE of music & people.. as a reminder what that real house sound is all about.If you are keen to come along and get down or DJ or need to get in contact feel free to email us at


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Hip Hop Dance Event (AUS): Rock the Block street dance jam, 21 April 2013

My good friend Brooke has finally opened her new street dance studio in Wollongong after years of hard work. She is a massive inspiration to me and I want to support her as much as I can.

Brooke of Street Beatz Hip Hop in Wollongong.

 To celebrate, she’s holding a block party complete with dance battles with music by Sydney’s finest Hip Hop, funk, soul, house and overall good music DJs, Naiki and Phil Toke.

Rock The Block is the first Hip Hop Dance Event in Wollongong, Australia

Street Beatz Dance Studio in Wollongong, NSW presents

ROCK THE BLOCK – Outdoor dance battles and block party
* Outdoors Car Park Entry, Open battles and live graffiti in the studio!

Registration will be 11.45 – 12.30pm SHARP! $10
2 on 2 – Kids Battle (15 and Under) – JUDGE: Poppin Jack and TBA
1 on 1 – Hip Hop Open – JUDGE: TBA
1 on 1 – Bboy Open – JUDGE: Bboy Don
1 on 1 – Popping – JUDGE: Poppin Jack
DJ’s: DJ Naiki and Phil Taouk


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Event Review: Destructive Steps 4 ft Mr Wiggles, Bboy Ynot, Bboy Blond, Jinjo Crew and Poppin Hozin

So it’s been a minute since I last reviewed an event and that’s probably because I’ve stopped going to a bunch of them after years of attending almost every single one in Sydney to the point where I can predict sets across a bunch of local street dancers (mostly the bboys).

Destructive Steps 4 was pretty dope; there was a good turnout and lots of energy around. I’ll admit I came 3.5 hours after the event started (which was a big improvement from last year when I arrived just as they finished announcing the winners). I didn’t see any of the popping battles except for the finals and the exhibition round with Mr Wiggles which was too dope. This was mainly because the popping room was packed with sweaty guys and the humidity and smell turned me away. Ok, it’s also because my vertical challenges prevented me from being able to see anything.

Destructive Steps 4, Sydney, Jinjo Crew airflare

Luckily there were chairs lined up at the back of the bboy room that I could stand on. I caught the quarter finals onwards and was happy to see the highlight battle of the day was Jinjo Crew vs 143 Liverpool St Familia. If you peep this video of all the Jinjo Crew sets, you will see from 10.20 onwards the most hype sets of the day from Jinjo.

Perth outshone all other states by making it into the bboy and toprock finals, while 17 year-old Alan from Sydney’s outer west pushed himself to make the finals against Hozin from Korea (Brand New Mind). Check out the finals and exhibition round here:

The other highlights of the day were Bboy Baba (repping Sydney/Parramatta and Zealous Crew) as the crowd favourite and MC Mistery’s inappropriately hilarious calls. There was “Duc the Racist” as Duc was apparently whispering obscenities about his own race in Mistery’s ear and Bboy Edit’s shoe-shining stunt in the semi-finals of the toprock battle, getting Bboy Ippy to polish his sneakers causing Mistery to make a comment about race. If anyone can get away with it, it’s Mistery. He later told me that he has fears that one day he’ll get bashed in the parking lot by people who were offended by his comments.

All in all, it was a really great event, with the presence of 2 of Rock Steady Crew‘s legendary members plus Bboy Blond (Extreme Crew) as judges with a bboy crew and popper from Korea as battle guests, who are all on top of their game right now. The dedication by the secret leader of the Korean mafia, Bboy jOne of 143 Liverpool St Familia and his trusty sidekick Donna V in putting such a massive event together is highly commendable – I hope the majority of the attendees personally contact both of them to thank them for giving Australia a great day of Hip Hop culture.

I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with Mr Wiggles and Bboy Ynot through various lunches, dinners and a dance/graffiti jam session which I’ll write about in a separate post. It was an incredible experience.

A special mention to Deejay Naiki who continually proves himself the best DJ for dance battles in Australia. His skill is amazing, song selection highly appropriate and he just understands the scene so well and stays super humble!

Looking forward to next year’s DS5 to be even bigger and better!

Thanks to Tim Wyers for the photos.

Destructive Steps 4 Head Freeze


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Australia Represent! Dance@Live storms Sydney

Dance@Live Sydney Australia

Every street dancer have dreams of competing. But competing under the banner of your own country is something that all street dancers would love to do. Dance@Live is a competition that is held all over Japan in a span of several months. It’s a knockout battle to see which dancer have the best technique and skill set to be proclaimed the best! This is an event that is very popular among all street dancers all over the world and a lot of people come each year to see the cream of the crop battle it out on the floor.

The presentation of this event was made by Steez with the help of Anomaly Inc. and MAS. This event has two major division titles that is waiting for their title holders for both for FREESTYLE and BREAK divisions. With International judges from Osaka and Tokyo, DANCE@LIVE is a gathering that top street dancing competitors of Australia would never dare miss.

The competition runs on a 45 second showcase on their moves on the red hot dance floor. In the elimination round the competition heat up as dancers start in two circles each having their own respective turns to convince judges they should pass that round. Freestylers go 1st followed by the mind boggling stunts and tricks by the bboys and bgirls. After the eliminations round, the quarterfinals, semis and finals are done in a head to head battle between those who passed elimination. It is there that things really start to scorch up as the dancers own the stage, eating up their competition and slowly cutting off the number of competitors one by one where only the best survive.

Dance@Live is now starting the national eliminations in Australia for the next installment of Dance@Live this coming 2013. This time around there is also a 1 on 1 KIDS ALL STYLE BATTLE where the little ones can unleash their “OH MY GOD, HOW OLD IS THAT KID?!” moments. Here are the schedule of events so all you street dancers out there who thinks they got what it takes to make it to the top of the list.

  • Adelaide – Jul 7 Sat @ Norwood Concert Hall
  • Cairns – Aug 31 Fri @ Velvet: Underground
  • Melbourne – Sep 8 Sat @ Williamstown Town Hal
  • Brisbane – Sep 8 Sat @ Aspley State School
  • Perth – Sep 22 Sat @ Winthrop College
  • Canberra – Sep 29 Sat @ Stromlo High School
  • Sydney – Oct 6 Sat @ *to be announced*
  • Sydney – Nov 29 Thu @ *to be announced*

*Source taken from Dance@Live’s official Facebook Page*

The finals will be on the 30th of November, Friday at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre where all of Australia will see who will represent them in the next Dance@Live event. You just can’t miss this one of a kind competition where all the talent, sweat, hard work and perseverance of Australia’s street dancers come into fruition. It has been said that you train to better yourself and to show people how you have grown in your craft, and for all those street dancers out there that posses dreams of reaching the top of the hill in the art of street dancing, then this is one event you should not miss. Proven by millions of attendees, this is the real thing, no phoneys, no fakes just real talent and burning passion.


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Davao City, Philippine’s Finest: Groove Unlimited Dance Community

I grew up dancing since I was in 1st grade. But never have I seen anyone else who loved dancing as much as I did. Nobody was more hyped up for practice than me and it was hard for a dancer to be able to cope with the crave of dancing without companions who share the same sentiments. Well, at least not until I got to college.

I got the chance to get stunned in awe by how passionate the dancers were when I move to Davao City, Philippines for college. I joined the FACES crew that was performing in the University of the Immaculate Conception’s activities and also one of the 1st members of the Groove Unlimited Dance Community.

Groove Unlimited Dance Community is a group of collective individuals who share the same passion for dancing. It started with just a few crews but as of today the community includes 38 crews all over Mindanao, mainly from Davao City and a few crews outside the country. Envisioned by Bryan Grandeza & Christopher Nellas in 2005 the community finally had its chance to start off in May of 2006 with the crew Groove Unlimited as its core group which was handled by the two. This community is also involved in the concerns of the society. GUDC supports peace in Mindanao, the protection of the environment and reaching out to those unfortunate ones who are in dire need of help. As quoted by the founder “GUDC is not merely a group or a network of people having a common interest, rather it is a vision— a community who is passionate, who shares, who cares, who inspires and who appreciates.”

The biggest event that GUDC is organizing is what we call Groove Stylz. Groove Stylz is an event where different crews within the community showcase their talents in a night filled with inspiring pieces made by the most promising choreographers within the community. Groove Stylz is an event that has been constantly being organized by GUDC since Groove Stylz 1 and it has been going on for 9 Groove Stylz already.

Groove Unlimited Dance Community

I remember back in the day when crews were caught up on showing who reigns supreme in the stage. Styles were very much different and a lot of crews were centered in one particular genre. Competitions were rampant and emerging victors of these competitions were dubbed “the best” and the ones who were inadequate were marked “losers” and could sometimes lead to the crew being disbanded.

Sad story right? But from what I had seen in the past, it all changed as the Groove Unlimited Dance Community brought these crews together and they started to share their knowledge about the different styles of dance. Experts in different genres were learning from each other, strengthening not only their dancing proficiency but also bonds of friendship that proved to one of the foundations of why the dancers of this community only gets better as time passes. This community started out as a group of crews who shared the same passion, but it turned out to be so much more than anyone ever expected. This community became a family.

It’s easy to say you are a dancer, and it’s easy to learn how to dance and get appreciated because of it. But being a dancer is not just about titles and the applause of your audience. It’s an expression of feelings that does not require a single word. A story told by hits, waves, beats and whispers of the heart. I am proud to be a member of this community, and I am proud to be one of the persons which makes this complex process seem effortless.


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Steady as a Rock: 35th Anniversary of Rock Steady Crew

I am not a very big fan of anniversaries. Birth anniversaries, Wedding anniversaries, The-last-time-Lindsay-Lohan-got-arrested anniversaries, Charlie-Sheen’s-outa-rehab anniversaries – the lot. I just get sick of counting days. Take the special nth anniversary edition DVDs for example. I really get sick of counting the minutes to watching everyone counting the minutes to the release. Let’s just face it – an anniversary is just a trick cocked up by card companies and the like to make money, and by men to ensure that their wives and GFs are impressed and touched that they remembered it.

But one has to make an exception. Every once in a while, one has to admit that in this vast random infinite universe, there are exceptions to rules. Exceptions for which you would gladly lay down those rules – and one such exception is Crazy Legs and the larger-than-life Rock Steady Crew, which celebrates its 35th anniversary today!

Rock Steady Crew


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you don’t need an introduction to Rock Steady Crew. They were called by the New York Times as “the foremost breakdancing group in the world today”. Enough said.

There’s going to be a huuuuge event and an honest-to-god battle royale to commemorate the occasion. Check out the event’s Facebook page.

One thing about the announcement seems odd though: “We reserve the right to turn away or remove anyone that is not acting in a proper manner at the event.” Indeed you do. But then – who would be left to see the battle?


Crazy Legs is going to give an exclusive interview here at the Ace Dance Studio blog, which we’ll publish shortly. Find out everything you were dying to know about him – from why this will be his last battle (yeah, he’s fighting, and the man is 46 years old. Heck, I’m about half that and I can’t even…well, let’s just leave it there) to why he’s called Crazy Legs. Stay tuned!



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New Ace Kids Hip Hop Courses with Kid Taz (Starts 29 April 2012)

Ace Dance Studios is privileged to be hosting an exclusive Kids Hip Hop Course with Kid Taz.

Term Dates:

  • Term 2: 29 April 2012
  • Term 3: 22 July 2012
  • Term 4: 14 Oct 2012


Juniors (5-10y/o) 11am
Seniors (11-15y/o) 11.45am


5 weeks – $65
10 weeks – $120
5% discount off total fees for families with more than 1 student enrolled in the same term


  • Enrolments close 7 days prior to term
  • Maximum 30 students per course
  • Email to enrol
  • No refunds for missed classes

More about Kid Taz and the Kids Hip Hop Course:

With a host of incredible achievements under his belt at such a young age, Kid Taz beings energy and enthusiasm to his Kids classes that is fuelled by his passion to share dance with the youth. At the age of 16 he won the prestigious 1 versus 1 Redbull Shadow Wars Bboy Championship in 2007; in 2009 he won the Australian Hip Hop Championships and represented Australia in the World Finals in Las Vegas, and later that year won the Platform Hip Hop Festival’s annual Freak the Technique Bboy/Bgirl crew battles.

After his experience in going straight through to the Top 100 in So You Think You Can Dance (Australia), the following year saw him win the first Australia’s Got Talent with Justice Crew, sparking a series of national tours, various singles and an album released, several music videos and performing as the pre-acts for many international artists.

Don’t miss this exclusive chance to be taught by a highly accomplished dancer! Kid Taz’s Hip Hop Course will cover the fundamentals of hip hop and breaking and will be focused on having students’ self-expressions and building self-confidence through dance while having fun.


Katrina Orpilla is an avid senior digital influence marketer and strategist at Citibank Australia during the day and a passionate street dancer, choreographer and owner of Ace Dance Studios in Sydney. Being President of the D2MG (dance, dj, mc graffiti) Hip Hop Society at UNSW in 2005 inspired the start up of successful blogs (then moved to and, which helped her to become the product manager of an Australian-based urban music social networking site, and then eventually as a Website Manager at Citibank Australia in 2007. It was around this time that she decided to leave her executive position at the university society to establish a dance school in Sydney CBD called D2MG Hip Hop Academy, evolving into Ace Dance Studios in 2010.

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Big Boi comes to Oz


 Known for being one half of the grammy award winning Outkast, Big Boi has decided to grace us with his presence. Riding off the critically acclaimed solo album,  ”Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty”,  Big Boi hit our shores for a brief promotional tour last year. A pioneer of southern hip hop, Big Boi has been innovating and re-energising the world’s hiphop scene for 20 years now.

Joining Big Boi is the exciting Theophilus London.  According to critics, London’s “genre-bending approach draws from a range of styles, from soul-pop and post-punk to electro and contemporary R&B” and is building a huge following. London is a prolific blogger and it is well worth your time checking out here.

Big Boi’s tour dates below:
Fri 26 Aug – The Tivoli, Brisbane
Sat 27 Aug – Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Fri 2 Sep – The Palace, Melbourne

Grab your tickets quick at ticketek